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Summer's Mucho Macho
Summer's Mucho Macho
Measured 29 1/2"
Sire: Dell Tera's Moonman

Winner in 1980. What a flashy little guy Mucho Macho was! The first time I saw him, I thought that he was one of the most correct little horses that I had seen. Although as a foal, he must not have been too impressive because his breeder, J.C. Williams, Dell Tera Miniature Horses, sold him as a weanling to a pet store in Dallas for a pet! Jayne Summers was looking through the Dallas Morning News' classified for a gift for her young son. Under the heading of "Exotic Animals" she found the ad which listed "miniature horse". She had had horses when she was young and thought that it sounded interesting, so they went to the pet store, saw Mucho, and bought him. That was the first of many they had during the ten or so years they were in the miniature business. During that time, Jayne's husband, Jim, became the volunteer executive secretary for AMHA after Dr. Blair, the founder, stepped down.

Summer's Mucho Macho

Pictured with "Jimbo" Summers

A son of Dell Tera's Moon Man, Mucho Macho turned out to be much more than just a flashy little pet. In fact, he turned out to be the National Grand Champion Stallion in 1980 and the National Champion 28 to 30" in 1982. When the Summers sold out of the miniature business, Mucho and many of their horses were purchased by Vern Brewer who bred him for some time and then sold him to Guy and Virtus Hyatt of Tinker Toy Ranch where he lived until his death.

One of Mucho's sons, Summers' Mucho Machisimo, was well known on the show circuit as the wonderful performance horse that was shown to the "super amateur", the late Orville Suddarth. With Orville's training, Machisimo won seventeen National Champion or Reserve National Championships in performance! 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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