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Komoko's Little Husseler
Komoko's Little Husseler
Measured 26 1/2"
Sire: Komoko's King Tut

One of the smallest miniature stallions of his time, Komoko's Little Husseler set a world record when he sold to Robert Pauley of Hobby Horse Miniature Horse Farm, Bedford, Virginia. It was 1982 and Joel "Bob" Bridges had a production sale, where Husseler sold for $12,500. After three years with Hobby Horse, Husseler was sold to Bob and Sandy Erwin, who were looking for a tiny herdsire to add to their newly formed NFC Miniature Horse Farm. For $25,000 they felt that he was just the right stallion to join the likes of Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Rowdy, and a host of other stallions.

Komoko's Little Husseler He remained as a mainstay of the NFC program until their dispersal in 1993, when he sold to Eric and Marilyn Meyer, World of Miniatures, in Canada. Sometime later, they moved to Texas where, at the age of twenty-six, he made an impressive appearance at The Miniature Event's Stallion Avenue.

As a sire, he has seventy-two foals registered with AMHA and appears in literally hundreds of pedigrees as grandsire and further back. He was very notable for his wide-set large eyes, which I see continuing in his get for generations. I have one of his daughters and several of his granddaughters that you can pick out by their pretty heads and very prominent eyes. He is one of the special stallions whose get continue to show his mark.

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