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Grandaddy of the appaloosa miniature!

Foaled in 1964, the leopard appaloosa Chianti was imported to the United States from the Falabella Farm of Argentina for use at the Regina Winery in California in the early 1970s. He was part of the famed Regina Winery Hitch until he was purchased by Dixie Blasingame, who used him in her breeding program at Shadow Oaks until he died. He had forty-eight foals, the last registered in 1983.

Chianti head

The following article appeared in the Miniature Horse World in January of 1983:

Many years ago, the Regina Winery of Southern California imported a small herd of Miniature horses from the Falabella Family in Argentina. Among those horses was a leopard appy stallion that the Winery named Chianti after one of their prized wines.

This truly unusually colored horse became quite an attraction in the Winery. They used him as part of their famous Mini-Winery Wagon Hitch seen in so many Southern California Parades. Chianti was also the sire of the first mini foal born to the Winery herd.

When the Winery closed its doors there were a great many buyers for their mares and Pinto stallions since they were very popular at the time. But only one person could see the potential of this unusual leopard--that person was Dixie Blasingame of Vista, California. She saw what Chianti could become and knew how to bring it out. Under her care and management, Chianti began a show career that brought home many halter and performance champion wins. Chianti's show ring wins were overshadowed only by his abilities as a sire. With careful planning of breeding, he began to sire foals of exceptional beauty, color, and with performance ability. This is what made Chianti the top producing miniature appaloosa in the world.

He was a magnificent little horse. His size was the only small thing about him. A true "Good will ambassador" for his breed, he had a gentle nature and was a devoted mate and attentive father. He was allowed to live AMONG his mares and foals.

His famous heritage, championship show career, and abilities as a sire made Chianti a living legend.

Those who never saw him will never know how magnificent he really was, for pictures cannot capture his beauty.

To Dixie, who saw the potential of the "little spotted horse" and brought him to prominence in the mini world, "Thank you."

Those of us who knew and loved Chianti share your sorrow at his passing. We hope that his many foals will carry on... "the legend of Chianti."

WE LOVED HIM TOO! Rod and Dela Anderson

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